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Progressive Era Photographs

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A complete view of the railroad bridge near Sand Patch
(Ca. 1907-1914) This view of a railroad bridge shows huge concrete structures supporting the rail line that leads to the bridge. The train crosses through a ...
Image Number: 97.122.7 • Flickr ID: 8470913813

A group of people posing on the lawn at Mt. Vernon
(Ca. 1885-1905) A group of possible Meyersdale residents posed on the lawn during their vacation. In the front row, two ladies wore white dresses . The lady ...
Image Number: 97.43.1dx • Flickr ID: 8726004201

A lonely tree stump surrounded by boulders in the Badlands
(Ca. 1907-1914) A lonely tree stump with a sparse bush beside it is seemingly out of place with the enormous boulders surrounding it. Transcribed from front ...
Image Number: 97.122.40 • Flickr ID: 8472010174

A man and four women posing in J.M. Olinger's parlor
(Ca. 1885-1905) In the parlor of J.M . Olinger's home, a gentleman stands behind a lady sitting in a rocking chair in a long dark dress . On the sofa, two ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ab • Flickr ID: 8727125446

A man possibly named Dibert
(1880-1920) A man possibly named Dibert has a slight receding hairline, with his hair parted and combed neatly to his right. A scruffy moustache and beard do ...
Image Number: 12.10.023 • Flickr ID: 8577071841

A tired group of people at J.M. Olinger's residence
(Ca. 1885-1905) In J.M . Olinger’s parlor, one tired lady is resting her arm on the young woman sitting on the edge of the sofa . The gentleman sitting in ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ad • Flickr ID: 8726005621

A windy day on Nobby Hill
(Ca. 1885-1905) The wind seems to be picking up on Nobby Hill. The man in the long tailed suit jacket has to hold onto his bowler hat . The other man in the ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ay • Flickr ID: 8727125136

A woman in a sleigh near Summit Mills
(Ca. 1885-1905) A young lady sits bundled up in a sleigh near Summit Mills, waiting to take a ride. Transcribed from the album page ‘Near Summit Mills . ’ ...
Image Number: 97.43.1bb • Flickr ID: 8726005273

A woman in the Damm's yard
(Ca. 1885-1905) A lady stands in front of a house in the Damm's snow covered yard, wearing a long dark dress with an apron. She crosses her arms tightly in ...
Image Number: 97.43.1s • Flickr ID: 8727125730

A woman named Naser
(Ca. 1880s) This young girl with light colored curly hair wears wire rimmed glasses. Her last name is possibly Naser . She wears a light colored dress with ...
Image Number: 97.99 • Flickr ID: 8426750901

Al Eisfeller
(Ca. 1895) Al Eisfeller has his hair parted in the middle, and is wearing a suit jacket and a shirt with a rounded collar. He has a slight smile as he looks ...
Image Number: 93.1.61 • Flickr ID: 8391881823

Altfather Mill in MacDonaldton, Pennsylvania
(1879-1920) The Altfather Mill in MacDonaldton, Pennsylvania was a large structure. A dormer was on the rooftop, and off to the side a chimney rose high above ...
Image Number: 99.13.054 • Flickr ID: 8551576553

American Legion Jr. Drum Corps
(1926-1940) There are 43 members in the American Legion Junior Drum Corps No. 112 of Meyersdale, Pa . In the front row are six young boys in their uniforms ...
Image Number: 05.18.002 • Flickr ID: 8980804720

Amy and Richard Sipple on butchering day
(1900-1920) Butchering day was in November for Richard and Amy Sipple of St. Paul, Pennsylvania . To support the large iron kettle over the fire, a log was ...
Image Number: 99.13.168 • Flickr ID: 8552679428

Amy Kretchman Sipple with a hint of a smile
(1880-1900) Amy Kretchman Sipple has her hair pulled back, and in the front above her forehead, she curled the hair back. The dark dress she wears is buttoned ...
Image Number: 99.13.166 • Flickr ID: 8551577341

An unidentified waterway in Meyersdale, Pa.
(Ca. 1907-1914) This is either the Casselman River or Flaugherty Creek. The river is not identified on the postcard . It is a peaceful waterway with a grass ...
Image Number: 97.122.45 • Flickr ID: 8472009968

Anna Dibert Bates in a toy car
(December 1922) A very tiny Anna Dibert Bates bundled in a white coat and a white cap is driving a metal car with a rounded front. A man walks away in the distance ...
Image Number: 12.10.010 • Flickr ID: 8578173634

Anna Snyder Truxal
(Bef. 1911) Anna is the adopted daughter of Cyrus W. Truxal . She is standing behind a decorative chair in her long, dark garment, with extra-large puffed sleeves ...
Image Number: 97.100.1 • Flickr ID: 8426750895

Apple orchard after a storm in 1910
(1910) In a 1910 storm, an apple orchard was devastated, as can be seen by the uprooted trees and dismantled fence. Transcribed from the front 'June storm ...
Image Number: 11.21.017 • Flickr ID: 8577072103

Apprehensive young boy
(1894) Sitting for his portrait in a sailor suit with a large white ribbon tie, he seems like he is not sure about the camera. 4 x 5 1/4 in . black and white ...
Image Number: 04.07.002 • Flickr ID: 8552679318

At Edith's
(1919) Visiting Edith at Chambersburg, Pa. everyone gathered under the canopy for a fun photograph . Transcribed from the album page ‘At Edith’s . ...
Image Number: 93.1.108gc • Flickr ID: 8979611959

Austie Horn
(Ca. 1890s?) Austie Horn, in a pinstriped dress, and high collar with lace draped over shoulders, strikes a pose looking to her right. She wears her hair ...
Image Number: 97.89.1 • Flickr ID: 8427839686

B & O Trestle in West Salisbury, Pa.
(Early 1900s?) The trestle winds in a wide curve and three men are standing on it. Debris is scattered at the base of the trestle, and part of a rail is ...
Image Number: 02.002.030 • Flickr ID: 8470912855

B. & O. Depot Meyersdale, Pa.
(1911) The depot is a wooden building with a large slanted roof, and on the roof is a small room with a weather vane outside the window. A big 'M' is on the ...
Image Number: 97.330.1 • Flickr ID: 8979611181

Baby in chair
(1900s?) A beautiful baby, with no hair yet, is dressed in a long white dress. A bit of the ruffled underskirt is showing . The chair is draped in a dark ...
Image Number: 11.02.004 • Flickr ID: 8472009294

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