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Progressive Era Photographs

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Baby in dress on board walkway
(1904-1918) He may be tiny, but his happy smile is huge. In his long white dress he holds his arms out to balance himself . He is standing on the board ...
Image Number: 97.44.43 • Flickr ID: 9085018471

Baby in furry nest
(1910-1924) In a rug shaped like a furry nest, the baby in a white dress with tiny black shoes, is nestled safely inside. 3 3/8 x 5/3/8 in . black and white ...
Image Number: 10.001.004 • Flickr ID: 8980808122

Baby in the middle
(Ca. 1900-1910) The small baby with curly hair and a white dress seems to be floating between the two adults. On the baby's left, a lady sits very straight, ...
Image Number: 97.53.1 • Flickr ID: 8979609631

Badland rocks piled precariously in Meyersdale, Pa.
(Ca. 1907-1914) Boulders piled in a precarious heap show how this area could be named the ‘Badlands.’ Several rocks have initials painted or carved on them ...
Image Number: 97.122.39 • Flickr ID: 8470913665

Baltimore & Ohio railroad cars
(Ca. 1885-1905) An engine with a coal car and caboose sits on the train tracks, and printed on the caboose is ‘Balt & Ohio’ with a number underneath. ...
Image Number: 97.43.1cf • Flickr ID: 8726004901

(Ca. 1900-1910) The African American barber in his white coat, grey slacks, and high collared white shirt, takes a break and leans on his barber chair. Behind ...
Image Number: 13.01.039 • Flickr ID: 8758360837

Barron Shipley at Laurel Falls
(Ca. 1910-1920) . Accompanied by a man in a white shirt and light slacks, and two young boys in white shirts and knickers, Barron Shipley stands at the edge of ...
Image Number: 97.131.1 • Flickr ID: 8472009890

Beginning construction on the Western Maryland Viaduct
(1911) Construction is taking place on the Western Maryland Viaduct near the Casselman River. Three men stand on the structure, and four men stand beside a ...
Image Number: 73.1.2 • Flickr ID: 8392480884

Berkley's Mill Band
(1909) Trees are in the background, and a grassy area is where seven men of the Berkley's Mill Band are standing with assorted brass instruments. Three men ...
Image Number: 97.10.1 • Flickr ID: 8392965194

Berlin baseball team
(1908) The Berlin baseball team had nine players. The uniform tops were long sleeved with dark collars, and their black and white socks were pulled up to meet ...
Image Number: 97.342.1 • Flickr ID: 8979610993

Billiard table
(Ca. 1900-1910) Windows in this room are from the ceiling to the floor, and are covered with curtains just as long. A few pictures are on the wall, and the ...
Image Number: 13.01.014 • Flickr ID: 8759486684

Billy Thomas Bungard and Jimmie Bungard leaning against a building
(1923-15-13) Two-year-old Billy is standing under a paned window of a wooden building. He leans against the building in his light colored coat . Standing in ...
Image Number: 11.18.012 • Flickr ID: 8551576633

Billy Thomas Bungard and Jimmie Bungard standing barefoot in the grass
(1923-5-13) Billy Thomas is just two years old as he stands under a six paned window of a wooden house. He has a full head of curly hair, and wears a light ...
Image Number: 11.18.006 • Flickr ID: 8552678766

Billy Thomas Bungard standing in the grass
(1923-5-13) Neatly dressed in a light colored, long sleeved belted outfit, Billy has on shoes and socks. He has curly hair to his shoulders . He stands in the ...
Image Number: 11.18.007 • Flickr ID: 8551576685

Bird's eye view of Meyersdale from Saylor Hill
(1908) This bird’s eye view of Meyersdale from Saylor Hill shows a dip in the mountain range in the distance. Transcribed from the front 'Birds’ eye-view ...
Image Number: 11.21.044 • Flickr ID: 8578173726

Black bull by barn
(1908) A black bull and a man stand facing each other. A lady and two children stand by the smaller brick shed of the large wooden barn . Wearing a derby hat ...
Image Number: 11.21.035 • Flickr ID: 8578173742

Boy and tall tree
(Ca. 1910-1924) The branches have been cut from a tree, and a rope is attached at the top to pull it down. The boy in a white shirt and pants with suspenders ...
Image Number: 97.338.1 • Flickr ID: 8979611051

Boy and wicker chair
(1910-1924) The young boy rested his hand on a decorative wicker chair. He dressed in knickerbockers with dark stockings and high shoes . He added a white ...
Image Number: 10.001.003 • Flickr ID: 8980808180

Boy on bike in front of McCormick Harvesting
(Ca. 1900-1910) A young boy wearing a hat and jacket is riding on his bike past McCormick Harvesting, where they had machines, buggies, wagons and harnesses. ...
Image Number: 13.01.02 • Flickr ID: 8758360791

Boys at river's edge
(Ca. 1900-1910) The one way to get a great view of the river is to stand on the very edge. These two African American boys took it further by standing on ...
Image Number: 13.01.01 • Flickr ID: 8759486136

Boys with tree and rock background
(Ca. 1880-1900) . A boy in a light colored jacket with corded trim, knickerbockers, dark stockings and high top shoes, leans against a fake rock for this ...
Image Number: 97.44.5 • Flickr ID: 9008941046

Brick house with large corner turret on Center and Broadway Streets, Meyersdale, Pa.
(1890-1910) Five workers are standing on the porch of a huge house. Two are out front, and one has a long beard and derby . Located on the corner of Center ...
Image Number: 85.9.1 • Flickr ID: 8391396819

Brick making plant
(1890-1920) . Workers at a brick making plant gather for a photo with tools of their trade; apparently family members were also included in the photo since ...
Image Number: 11.26.002 • Flickr ID: 8578173718

Bright-eyed baby in wicker chair
(1910-1924) This bright-eyed baby is in a long flowing white dress. The child is tiny in the large, decorative wicker chair . 2 3/3 x 5 3/8 in . black and ...
Image Number: 99.13.206 • Flickr ID: 8552679378

Broadway tennis court
(Ca. 1885-1905) Holding their tennis rackets, four ladies pause beside a net for a photo. Two of the ladies wear long dark dresses, one wears a long light ...
Image Number: 97.43.1e • Flickr ID: 8727125924

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