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Progressive Era Photographs

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Child on Broadway Street sidewalk in Meyersdale
(Ca. 1885-1905) A child is playing on the sidewalk on Broadway Street. The street is lined with homes and leafless trees . Transcribed from the album page ...
Image Number: 97.43.1fi • Flickr ID: 8727125642

Children of Garrett Schoolhouse
(1897) The children of the Garrett school are standing with their arms crossed, not looking happy to have their picture taken. Transcribed from a note filed ...
Image Number: 98.2.15 • Flickr ID: 8470913323

Children sitting in chairs in middle of dirt road
(Ca. 1885-1905) Two young girls in dresses and hats, enjoy sitting on chairs in the middle of this unidentified dirt road. Trees are plentiful along the street ...
Image Number: 97.43.1cs • Flickr ID: 8726004739

Children surrounding baby on stool
(1880-1920) The young baby is wearing a white dress and sitting on a stool. The young girl on the baby’s right has on a knee length skirt with a long top ...
Image Number: 10.001.007 • Flickr ID: 8980807974

Church on a tree lined street
(Ca. 1885-1905) A buggy travels down the street of this well-kept neighborhood, past a church and a row of houses. 4 3/4 x 3 3/4 in . black and white photograph .
Image Number: 97.43.1ex • Flickr ID: 8726003739

Church with high steeple
(Ca. 1885-1905) The cone shaped steeple with the bell tower, rises high above the church. A man finds chairs in front of the church and stops to rest . 4 3/4 ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ey • Flickr ID: 8727123536

Class of 1891 football team champions, Johns Hopkins University
(1891) Johns Hopkins University had a good season in 1888-1890. We see 12 members of the football team in their uniforms . Some players have plain uniforms ...
Image Number: 97.121.1 • Flickr ID: 8426750763

Class portrait taken at Old Meyersdale High School on Main Street, Meyersdale, Pa.
(1907-1915) This class photograph shows 27 women and 19 men standing and sitting on steps in front of Meyersdale High School. The women are wearing white tops ...
Image Number: 73.1.1 • Flickr ID: 8391396933

Clear view of a completed Western Maryland Viaduct in Meyersdale, Pa.
(1922) This scenic view shows the Western Maryland Viaduct in the distance with a train crossing the bridge. Transcribed from the back '317 N . Lucas Dear ...
Image Number: 97.124.1 • Flickr ID: 8472009956

Close up of directors at Crystal Lake
(1919) The directors are standing in a field. Four are wearing suit jackets, white shirts, and a tie or a bow tie . The other five men are in white shirt with ...
Image Number: 97.8.1 • Flickr ID: 8391881727

Close up of Grandpa Knecht
(Ca. 1910) A bearded Grandpa Knecht in his overalls, white shirt, and vest, steps outside for this photo. Trees are in the yard, and in the distance is a ...
Image Number: 02.002.006 • Flickr ID: 8470913113

Close up of Meyers house
(Ca. 1900-1910) The Meyers house stands with columns on the front porch. Double porches on the side of the house are also in view . Several people are resting ...
Image Number: 97.37.1 • Flickr ID: 8391881549

Coke oven workers breaking for photo at Shaw Mines Coke Ovens
(Ca. 1901-1903) Twenty-one men are on a break, posing for a photo. Two are holding a horse and cart, eight are holding broad metal rakes, two stand with a ...
Image Number: 73.1.3 • Flickr ID: 8391396905

Colonial Hotel construction
(1904) A worker in overalls, white shirt, and a hat, stands by the wheelbarrow and bricks, and is ready to work. The scaffolding is up and piles of lumber are ...
Image Number: 10.001.035 • Flickr ID: 8980807128

Colonial Hotel in Meyersdale, Pa.
(Ca. 1910) The front of the Colonial Hotel in Meyersdale, Pa. has 14 windows . Spanning across the rooftop are six small windows and a larger one in the middle ...
Image Number: 97.363.1 • Flickr ID: 9007758679

Colonial Hotel visitors
(Ca. 1904-1907) A lot of activity is taking place on the porch of the Colonial Hotel in Meyersdale, Pa. Visitors came from various places to stay at the hotel ...
Image Number: 97.364.1 • Flickr ID: 8979610811

Construction on Western Maryland R.R. Viaduct
(Ca. 1908) To aid in the construction of the Western Maryland Viaduct, a temporary railroad was built along the base of the trestle. With the railroad going ...
Image Number: 13.02.01a • Flickr ID: 9007759075

Cook boys
Image Number: • Flickr ID: 8758360283

Cook family's father holding glasses
(Ca. 1885-1905) With his arm resting loosely over the arm of the chair, the Cook family's father sits with his glasses in his hand. He has a full moustache, ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ga • Flickr ID: 8727123512

Cook family's mother
(Ca. 1885-1905) The Cook family's mother has a sweet smile as she sits back in the rocker. She wears a dotted dress that is belted at the waist, and has ...
Image Number: 97.43.1gd • Flickr ID: 8727123462

Cows crossing the Casselman River
(Ca. 1885-1905) Six cows are crossing the Casselman River. No farm buildings are seen close by, but a fence runs along the side of the river . Transcribed ...
Image Number: 97.43.1fx • Flickr ID: 8726005659

Cozy couple under an umbrella
(Ca. 1900-1910) A cozy couple uses an umbrella to protect them from the sun as they sit together in the grass. The woman is in a long, white, long sleeved ...
Image Number: 13.01.021 • Flickr ID: 8759486552

D.K. Malcolm Store in Coal Run
(Ca. 1890-1910) D.K . Malcolm's store was a very tall and narrow three story building . The first floor was the entrance with two large glass squared windows ...
Image Number: 02.002.011 • Flickr ID: 8470913019

Dave Saylor and his wife
(Ca. 1880s?) The couple sits looking off to their right. Dave is in a dark suit, vest, white shirt, and white bow tie . He has a receding hairline, but a full ...
Image Number: 97.103.1 • Flickr ID: 8426750853

Dave Younkin and Charlie Cook on a hillside
(Ca. 1885-1905) Dave Younkin and Charlie are on a hillside, sitting on a rock, enjoying the little snow that is still there. They are wearing dark winter ...
Image Number: 97.43.1b • Flickr ID: 8726006285

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