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Progressive Era Photographs

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Demetrius Compton
(1880-1930) Demetrius Compton is well dressed in his suit jacket, vest, white shirt, and tie with a circular tie clasp. Though his hair is thinning, a full, ...
Image Number: 99.13.200 • Flickr ID: 8551577303

Dog and two young girls
(Ca. 1900-1910) The two story house is surrounded with a picket fence and has a brick sidewalk. In the yard, the dog seems to pose for a picture with the two ...
Image Number: 13.01.028 • Flickr ID: 8758361163

Dorothy and Hazel Mull pose outside
(1918-1930) Hazel Mull stands in the tall grass beside her sister Dorothy Mull, who has slid down in the chair. Hazel is dressed in white leggings and a white ...
Image Number: 99.13.208 • Flickr ID: 8551577253

Dorothy Mull sitting at a desk
(1900-1930) Dorothy Mull looks forlorn as she sits at her desk with a book by her hand. She is wearing what appears to be her school clothes; a checked blouse ...
Image Number: 99.13.207 • Flickr ID: 8552679376

E.K. Blough family
(Ca. 1910) The E.K . Blough family is gathered on the porch steps . The men are dressed in suits, and two women are in two piece suits . The girls wore dark ...
Image Number: 10.003.011 • Flickr ID: 8980806954

Edith in large hat
(1919) Edith has large rimmed glasses, and she wears a wide brimmed hat. She stands under a canopy of branches in a long sleeved white dress with a bow tied ...
Image Number: 93.1.108gf • Flickr ID: 8979611715

Eight kids not happy
(Ca. 1910-1920) A photograph in the backyard did not make these kids happy. The boys are dressed in suits, and the two on the viewer’s left are wearing ...
Image Number: 10.001.021 • Flickr ID: 8979613125

Elderly man with glasses and moustache
(1880-1910) His rumpled suit jacket was worn with a vest, white shirt, and bowtie. Though his hair is gone, his moustache is still thick and full . He is ...
Image Number: 08.001.022 • Flickr ID: 8552679006

Elementary class in front of double doors
(1910-1924) About 51 children and their teacher gather in front of their large schoolhouse doors for a class photo. Some boys in dark pants and light or dark ...
Image Number: 12.20.035 • Flickr ID: 8727122774

Elementary class in front of school windows
(1904-1918) A class of 39 boys and girls are posing outside their schoolhouse with their teacher. They range in various sizes and ages . The girls are wearing ...
Image Number: 12.20.034 • Flickr ID: 8726002941

Elk Lick Mine No.3 Tipple
(Ca. 1907-1914) A lone man stands by what looks like a shed located on the top of this massive structure. The hillside is strewn with fallen trees . ...
Image Number: 97.122.6 • Flickr ID: 8470913823

Ella Bolden operating a telephone switchboard
(April 1923) In front of Ella Bolden is the switchboard used to connect the phone customers. The wires and plugs are in front of her hand, and notes hang ...
Image Number: 11.18.011 • Flickr ID: 8551576623

Ella Bolden standing on a sidewalk
(April 1923) Ella Bolden stands on a brick sidewalk in front of a building with cut stone walls. She wears a white middy top with a light colored shirt . A ...
Image Number: 11.18.008 • Flickr ID: 8552678742

Elmer Gnagey's son in a tall tree
(Ca. 1910-1924) A young boy sits at the very top of a tall tree with an ax in his hand. Another boy stands below him on a cut branch . A few small branches ...
Image Number: 97.339.1 • Flickr ID: 8979611017

Engine #847 and cars
(Ca. 1885-1905) Engine #847, with a steaming smokestack, is rolling along the tracks. The engine is barrel shaped with a light and bell on top . The engineer ...
Image Number: 97.43.1cj • Flickr ID: 8726004857

Estelle and Frances at Sand Spring
(April 1916) Estelle and Frances walk side by side down the path at Sand Spring. One is in a long dark jacket, white blouse, and wide brimmed hat, and the ...
Image Number: 93.1.108dd • Flickr ID: 8979614065

Estelle by a mailbox
(1916) With the wind blowing her long dark, decorated, dress, Estelle pauses by a flower bed with a mailbox in it. Her large brimmed hat does not shield her ...
Image Number: 93.1.108dm • Flickr ID: 8979613775

Evlin Hocking
(Ca. 1911) In this lovely profile of Evlin Hocking, she is wearing a fur stole over the shoulders of her dark coat. She finishes her outfit with a hat ...
Image Number: 97.106.1 • Flickr ID: 8426750829

F.O. Weller's Feed Store in Summit Mills
(1910-1930) F.O . Weller of Summit Mills, Pennsylvania was a general merchandiser . The store was known as a feed store, but other items like flour could be ...
Image Number: 11.21.034 • Flickr ID: 8577071993

Falls at Ohiopyle in 1897
(1897-07-05) A protective wooden fence runs along the river leading to the falls at Ohiopyle. This photo shows houses in the background and a building of ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ar • Flickr ID: 8727125260

Family of five
(Bef. 1911) A mother sits holding her baby. She is wearing a long dark dress with a pendant at the neck, and the baby is in a white dress . The tall man to ...
Image Number: 04.07.003 • Flickr ID: 8552679300

Family on the hillside
(1904-1918) Sitting in the grass on the side of a small hill, a lady in a dark skirt and white top holds a baby between her and a man. The man is in dark ...
Image Number: 10.001.009 • Flickr ID: 8980807922

Field of rubble after a storm in 1910
(1910) A pile of wood and other debris can be seen in a field after a storm passed through in 1910. 4 1/2 x 2 5/8 in . black and white photograph .
Image Number: 11.21.018 • Flickr ID: 8577072081

First football team in Meyersdale
(1922) The young men of the first Meyersdale football team sit on the steps in front of the high school building in their uniforms. Seven men with their arms ...
Image Number: 97.119.1 • Flickr ID: 8427839432

Five people standing on a board sidewalk
(Ca. 1885-1905) A gentleman with his back turned stands with four ladies on the boarded sidewalk at H. Staub's residence . The two ladies on the viewer’s ...
Image Number: 97.43.1an • Flickr ID: 8727125320

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