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Progressive Era Photographs

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German Baptist Church in Summit Mills, Pa.
(1904-1920) In a field surrounded by a fence sits the German Baptist Church of Summit Mills. The view from the dirt road shows it is a simple one story long ...
Image Number: 11.21.015 • Flickr ID: 8577072129

Gillmore School principal
(Bef. 1911) This principal of Gilmore School faces to his left with a bit of a stern look. He has wire rimmed glasses, and his hair is parted down the middle ...
Image Number: 97.92.1 • Flickr ID: 8426750963

Girl on seesaw
(Ca. 1885-1905) The young girl in the full dress with long puffy sleeves is sitting on the seesaw. Trees and a trellis line are visible, as is a picket fence ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ci • Flickr ID: 8727124684

Girls with books
(1880-1900) Perhaps it is a chorus or a group of students. The girls stand tall with books in their hands . Some are in white dresses, and others are in dark ...
Image Number: 10.001.010 • Flickr ID: 8980807882

Glotfelty family reunion
(1891-09-09) This was a large gathering of family for the Jeremiah & Catherine Welfley Glotfelty reunion. Approximately 53 members joined the reunion . ...
Image Number: 97.130.1 • Flickr ID: 8472009998

Grace Kendall posing in a wicker chair
(Ca. 1911) Grace Kendall, with her hand on her cheek, casually rests her arm on a decorative wicker chair. Grace has her hair secured back with a bow . ...
Image Number: 97.105.1 • Flickr ID: 8426750831

Grace Rutter looking to the left
(Ca. 1910) A beautiful young Grace Rutter has her hair parted in the middle and swept back. Grace strikes a regal pose, wearing a white dress, slightly lower ...
Image Number: 97.107.1 • Flickr ID: 8427839454

Grace Rutter's portrait
(Ca. 1900) Grace Rutter sits and relaxes in a wicker chair. She is wearing a flowing white dress with a high collar, puffed sleeves, and ruffles, and she has ...
Image Number: 97.81.1 • Flickr ID: 8427839366

Grace Weakland wears a large hat
(Bef. 1904) Grace Weakland, with her arms behind her back, presents a very statuesque presence. Holding her head high, she wears a large light colored hat ...
Image Number: 97.104.1 • Flickr ID: 8426750839

Grandma Eisfeller
(August 1915) Grandma Eisfeller was in Meyersdale in August of 1915. She stands in a long light colored dress that has a brooch at the collar . She is wearing ...
Image Number: 93.1.108cz • Flickr ID: 8979611487

Grandpa Knecht standing on a dirt road
(Ca. 1910) Grandpa Knecht is in overalls, a white shirt, and a vest. He is standing on the dirt road that runs alongside the foundry . Several small sheds are ...
Image Number: 02.002.005 • Flickr ID: 8472009578

Group of children
(Ca. 1910-1920) All the little ones in the family are in the backyard together for a photograph. The smallest one with wind-blown curly hair is on the end in ...
Image Number: 10.001.020 • Flickr ID: 8979613191

Group of men and women sitting in the grass
(Ca. 1886) On a grassy area with trees in the background, a group of 11 women in white or dark dresses are joined by nine men in suits with vests and hat. A ...
Image Number: 97.3.1 • Flickr ID: 8391881735

Group of people in a field
(Ca. 1900-1910) On a grassy hill above the houses, 13 people got together for a photograph. On the viewer’s left, the lady in a light skirt and white top ...
Image Number: 13.01.026 • Flickr ID: 8758361227

Group of people under a tree in J.M. Olinger's yard
(Ca. 1885-1905) Under the tree in Olinger's yard is a group of three men, two ladies and three children. On the viewer’s left, a man in a suit with a bowler ...
Image Number: 97.43.1ao • Flickr ID: 8726005511

Group photo of eleven individuals
(1904-1918) The two men standing in back are dressed in dark suits with high neck white collars and ties. Three ladies in light dresses stand between them . ...
Image Number: 08.001.010 • Flickr ID: 8552679156

Group photo under porch
(1907-1914) This group of ten people stopped under the porch for this photo. Standing in the back are six men in light slacks, dark slacks, white shirts with ...
Image Number: 08.001.013 • Flickr ID: 8552679108

Group photo with a dog
(Ca. 1900-1910) The smallest girl in the group has her hands on her hips, and is holding an umbrella. To her right stands an older girl; they are both in ...
Image Number: 13.01.030 • Flickr ID: 8758361117

Group portrait featuring babies
(Ca. 1900-1910) Babies are the center of this group portrait, with four on laps and a young boy in front. An older lady is holding two of the babies, and a ...
Image Number: 97.52.1 • Flickr ID: 8980803590

H.M. Cook with hand in pocket
(Ca. 1885-1905) H.M . Cook looks like he wanted to smile for his photograph, but held back as he leans his arm on the chair with his hand in his pocket . His ...
Image Number: 97.43.1gc • Flickr ID: 8726003641

H.M.C. and D.F.Y. sitting on a fence
(Ca. 1885-1905) One man in his suit and bowler hat sits on the rail fence with lettering about H.M . Cook, the Jeweler . His friend in an overcoat and bowler ...
Image Number: 97.43.1bj • Flickr ID: 8727125038

Habel and Phillips store at 149 Center Street, Meyersdale, Pa.
(1908-1924) Mr. Habel and Ward Dull stand on the steps at their storefront at 149 Center St . in Meyersdale . Windows show ‘Dutch cleanser’, ‘Golden ...
Image Number: 69.1.1 • Flickr ID: 8392480924

Hand stands in the snow
(Ca. 1885-1905) Two men are doing hand stands in the snow on a hill with trees and a broken fence. 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 in . black and white photograph .
Image Number: 97.43.1l • Flickr ID: 8726006043

Happy baby on board walkway
(1904-1918) Beside the porch steps on the board walkway, the young baby boy with a happy smile and bright eyes, stands gingerly for a photograph. The baby has ...
Image Number: 97.44.42 • Flickr ID: 9087236596

Happy baby with a big smile
(1880-1910) Sitting in a big chair covered with a flowered tapestry, the baby has a happy smile. The baby's white dress is fringed in lace at the bottom and ...
Image Number: 08.001.025 • Flickr ID: 8552678946

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